Friday, February 3, 2012

Calibrating Tascam and other Audio Interfaces

Before you start calibration make sure your audio interface looks like this (remember i have the US144, which has a separate volume control for PHONES, on the US122 its same as LINE OUT):

  • Phantom is set to OFF
  • LINE/PHONES (Volume) is set to about 70-80%
  • Mic INPUT L is set to about 60% (These arent exact, as you'll see soon)
  • XLR->RCA from the gray "LINE OUT" to "L MIC IN" on the bottom of the device. NOTE IF USING US144MK2 buy a TRS to TRS cable. Connect from from "PHONES" on the bottom of the unit to the TRS "LINE IN L" (apparently the phones output works better for this step of figuring out the frequency response of the US144 tascam unit)